Slobodna Zona Užice

Free Zone Užice

logo-smallCity of Užice is located in the center of western Serbia, and it is a administrative, economic,social and cultural center of this part of Serbia. At the same time it is in the heart of Southeast Europe and on equal distance from the largest cities in the region, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Nis…

Distance from main roads

  • E70 – 140 KM
  • E75 – 180 KM
  • E763 – on corridor

Užice has about 78 000 inhabitants. Over 50% of the population has a secondary, or tertiary education. The dominant sector of employment is the metal industry, then the construction industry and traffic which are the leading industries of the region.

Two major factories in the metal industry have started their business in the free zone Užice

  • Valjaonica bakra A.D Sevojno / Coppar mill
  • IMPOL-SEVAL valjaonica aluminijuma / Aluminium mill


  • Free Zone Užice has 9.4ha of free land for greenfield investments
  • 8000m² of indoor storage space, 5000 m² of open storage space