Slobodna Zona Užice


Basic characteristics of the site-location

Plot-location area: 9ha (24000acres)
Owners: Impol Seval
Form of Rights Transfer: Sale / Lease

Purpose of the plot i.e. location:

  1. Core activities: industrial production, construction industry, manufacturing crafts, warehousing and wholesale centers
  2. Supporting activities: trades, crafts and services, business The permitted occupancy index: 50%

Approved building construction index: 1.2

Utility Infrastructure:

  1. Electricity: total integrated power 100 kVA, 10 kVA high-voltage, medium voltage 0.4 kVA, transformer 110/6 kVA.
  2. Gas: gas connection exist
  3. Water: Drinking Water Main pipe is placed along the Cacak-Uzice road and is owned by the city water supply.
    Impol Seval company has its own recycling unit with the appropriate chemical treatment.
  4. Air pressure: 8 bars,
  5. Sewerage: the network for waste water drain is passing the right arm of the plot

Access Roads: Corridors E-763 and E-761, Belgrade – Bar railway line