Slobodna Zona Užice


Basic characteristics of the site-location

Plot (land piece)area: 29000m2
Plot area covered by the building: 8000m2
Owner: Copper Mill Sevojno
Form of Transfer of Rights: Lease

Purpose of the land:

  1. Core activity: industrial production, construction industry, manufacturing crafts , warehousing and wholesale centers
  2. Supporting activities : trades, crafts handcrafts and services, business • The permitted occupancy index: 50%

Approved building construction index: 1.2


  1. Electricity: total installed capacity of 2 x 1600kVA
  2. Water: Industrial water pressure of 5 bar
  3. Air pressure: 5 bars
  4. Gas: gas connection exist

Roads: Corridor E-763 and E-761, Belgrade – Bar railway